referential stereo system

The Polish system is fantastic. Bringing the foreground closer to the listener it makes it seem more intimate, at your fingertips. The space is large and extensive; the sounds around us and behind us (in counter phase) have good consistency and are not glued to the head. The foreground still remains most important, with a strong, dense and warm midrange and well above-average dynamics.


  • 6 RCA inputs, one RCA
  • output Gain: 6dB
  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 150kHz ± 0 dB
  • Input Impedance: 10k ohms
  • Dimensions: 450 x 360 x 110 mm
  • Weight: 19kg
  •  500 W (RMS) at 8 ohm
  • 1000 W (RMS) at 4 ohm
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz – 40kHz throughout the power range
  • Dynamic Range: 118dB
  • Damping Factor ≥ 1000
  • Maximum output current: 50A
  • THD+N at 1W: 0.007%
  • THD+N at 1000W: 0.01%
  • Dimensions: 225 x 360 x 110 mm
  • Weight: 11kg / pc.

The above data concerns the Mille. It is also possible to purchase the Mezzo, which is manufactured on request – the only difference is that it has got half the power of Mille.

It doesn’t happen often that a product of a new manufacturer is so well-prepared, refined, and offering such a fantastic performance, as elinsAudio Mille is. This Polish company decided to put an integrated amplifier in a three-box casing, so in fact it doesn’t look like an integrated at all. It is a complete setup that will be a perfect match for truly demanding Magnepan speakers, as well as for high-efficiency horn speakers. Its presentation gives listener an impression of a very close, palpable, intimate even contact with music. Spacing and imaging is simply spectacular.

Read a review: No. 122, june 2014

The Polish system is extremely refined. I also liked as much. The RED Fingerprint Award is the expression of my special recognition, so it seems more than appropriate.

Wojciech Pacuła, High Fidelity

ElinsAudio - Red Fingerpront